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How to take care of a baby in the winter season

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Bidding adieu to the warm summers and moist and humid monsoons, the ideal picture of winter in everyone’s mind is often very cozy and comfortable. We often see people in winters keep flexing over the internet with pictures we can keep gushing over. While a mother having her child wrapped in a blanket, sitting in the sun and enjoying the weather is what the general picture of winter looks like, taking care of a baby in winter is much more than this dreamy picture. With all the climatic changes, have occurred over the years and especially in this decade, winters are much more than providing the essential warmth to your munchkin.

  Here are a few ways to take care of your baby in winter:-

  1. The atmospheric temperature, being very low, maintaining a good immune system is very important for your newbie. Decreased immunity can make your child an easy target for various diseases. Microbes and viruses thrive well during winters and a poor immunity of your baby can make him/her an easy target. Since food is like fuel to drive, try providing essential immune-boosting baby foods to your baby.  With the spread of different viruses, try protecting your child from cough and flu.
  2. With temperature dipping very low in certain areas, people often use heaters which removes the essential moisture making your baby’s skin dry. We can use humidifiers in such areas to maintain moisture level.
  3. A baby’s skin is very soft and tender. Choosing the right product for their skin is very important. Try keeping it as natural as possible with home products like milk cream or else go for certified baby brands.
  4. Giving your baby a proper massage. Massaging not only maintains the body temperature but also boosts the immune system. Use natural oils for your baby.
  5. While using heavy blankets may provide a good deal of warmth, it may suffocate your child as well. Instead, use lighter blankets and maintain the room temperature optimum.
  6. Feed your baby to keep him/her healthy. Include berries and sweet potato in their diet. These are rich in vitamins A and C and serves as good winter food.
  7. Include sprouts and lentils in their diet as winter is great for them to consume it.
  8. While you dress your child don’t overstuff him/her with clothes. Dress them according to the temperature keeping in mind their comfort as well.
  9. Outdoor care is extremely important. If you happen to be in cities with poor air quality index, better avoid taking your child out.  While fresh air once in a while is equally important, make sure your baby is covered from head to toe while being outdoors.

Since precaution is better than cure as parents one needs to take care of even the minute details while nurturing your baby. Try keeping your baby in a hygienic environment along with maintaining your own personal hygiene. Winters are beautiful. One just needs to handle it with care. Just follow the proper remedies and make this winter fun for your baby.

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