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How walkers and tricycles help babies grow

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Each day of our life we make deposits in the memory bank of our children”-Charles R.Swindoll. While parenting is a challenging task, it’s equally beautiful. The formative years of your loved one are the most important. They grow every day, trying to know every new thing they encounter. The first step of your child is still the most joyous moment. The very first time your baby has his/her feet touch the floor, as parents, our concern increases manifold. We run errands to have everything possible which can help our child stand erect to avoid dangling. While the general notion of walkers in the formative years is mostly helping them stand erect without the fear of falling or entertaining your child, walkers can be effective in the development stages.

While the first step of your toddler is a big deal, understanding the importance of baby walkers or tricycle is equally significant. While your baby walker is your child’s very first friend, choosing the right type of product is the key. The safety of your child is the major priority. So, choosing the best kind of fabric while choosing a walker is important. The sitting area provided in the walker should be comfortable. Your baby’s comfort and growth should go hand in hand. With all different kinds of walkers available in the market, you need to go for a walker with good mechanical strength. The thing holding your child must be strong enough to hold itself.

In their growth years, the child requires all essential vitamins to help them grow. Sun is a major source of Vitamin D for your little one, you must be assured that your child is safe while having a sunbath. A smart and safe walker often comes with a good canopy cover protecting your child while is out. Walker with a good vacuum stopper to allow the parent to stop it from moving is crucial. A good safety lock to ensure his/her safety is utmost required. Apart from being an aid to help your baby walk, it improves further movements in the body.

Tricycle’s often driven us back to the memory lane of our childhood when our parents got them for us before finally giving a bicycle. Learning balancing in the formative years reduces the fear of falling later in life. Getting your child familiar with the gross motor skills in their primitive stages helps him/her acquiring better skills later. When your child pedals, they learn coordination and balancing along with enjoying the extra speed the tricycle provides. The tricycle provides your child with the necessary wings they want in the process of growing. The confidence your child develops at this stage lasts forever. Getting the right product is again very important. Safety being the utmost priority, one must opt for certified products. A comfortable seat is very important while pedaling. Along with a good seat, a good push steer handle so that parents can regulate speed is important. One can get different sorts of tricycles according to the age of the child.

Whether you are looking for a walker for your loved one or a tricycle for your toddler, Tiffy and Toffee are out there to help you. It offers a wide range of products available for your munchkin taking care of all safety standards. Just like a proper direction is important while learning to read, a good direction in the growth years is equally important. Tiffy and toffee provide a wide range of walkers and tricycles to help your baby move around. Visit our website and help your child grow with us.

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