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Baby Bather

Tiffy & Toffee offers baby bather called Aqua Love in different colors like Blue, Sea Blue and Pink. While we enjoy looking at the baby sleeping in the wooden cot, bathing a baby who cannot stand can be a tedious task. The traditional way is to let the baby lay down on your legs and give them a bath. This can be uncomfortable for both the baby and the person giving a bath to the baby.

Features to look out for in Baby Bather

Usable in Sink or Tub, Folds flat for compact storage, Solid base provides stable support, Machine washable fabric is easy to remove and clean, Soft mesh sling which conforms to a newborn’s body for extra comfort. Padded head and leg rest add comfort to the baby while bathing. Adjustable backrest has two positions for convenience. In-molded soft feet help prevent slipping.

Baby Bather Price

Baby Bather offered by Tiffy & Toffee starts from Rs. 1,299. You can decide based on color. You can select the bather of your choice and opt to buy it from Amazon or Flipkart.

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Baby Bather Reviews

With the availability of Bather on Amazon and Flipkart, here are some of the reviews given by Tiffy & Toffee Customers:

“Loved it. Bathing my baby is so comfortable for both of us now.”

“I bought this for bathing my 3 months old baby. It is very comfortable to use. Much better than the traditional way of making the kid sleep on the leg and bathing. I like it a lot”

“My baby loves his bathing time because of this bather. She is always excited when I place this in the bathroom. And our full bathing time goes in playing and bathing”