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Baby Walker

Babies from 6 months onwards move around as actively as they like to sleep in their wooden cot. And to let them safely move around Tiffy & Toffee offers a variety of baby walker including Multifunction baby walker, 2 in 1 baby walker, Early learning baby walker, Maxtrem baby walker. Each of these walkers is loaded with unique features and designs suitable for babies and parents’ requirements. Although baby walkers are used for a short period of time, their need has been realized by many parents. With a busy schedule nowadays and the need to allow the kids to go around to explore their surroundings, walkers have been a blessing for many parents and guardians. It not only lets the infants learn to walk, but also give them the required safety from falling. There have been queries of many parents that do walkers affect the development of their child in any way? The answer purely lies in how long does the kid walks around in it. Long hours of using it can have adverse effects. Babies should be made to crawl, play, and sleep for sufficient time as well. And they should make attempts to stand and walk without walkers too.

Features to look out for in Baby Walker

Walker with rocker, 4 height position, Food tray, Navigation handle, Back cushion for extra support, Foot mate, Music tray with multiple songs, Toy for play, Extra cushion for back support, 8 Wheels with brakes, Musical tray with light & toy.

Baby Walker Price

Baby Walkers offered by Tiffy & Toffee starts from Rs. 1,999. Baby Walker prices differ based on their features. You can decide based on colors, features, and comfort. You can select the walker of your choice and opt to buy it from Amazon or Flipkart.

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Baby Walker Reviews

With the availability of Walker on Amazon and Flipkart, here are some of the reviews given by Tiffy & Toffee Customers:

“This walker is very comfortable, strong as well as attractive. Even I find it very much comfortable for my baby girl..she can easily move at ease while enjoying the music in the walker.”

“My 8 month little daughter love this tiffy and toffy multifunction Walker and as it’s very comfortable.”

“The product is very best my child use easily and sit easily on this it’s a amazing really easy to use and given reasonable rate also nice product it is”

“Liked the way seat is designed and the cushion provided. Perfect for my little angel”